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Keren Karasik

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Big Brother Social 


Rafael Campaign Video

Video ad for Rafael's new defense system, accompanied by an animated logo for the campaign.

Michelle Jorno

A work for a client that owns a furniture design company.
The brief was to design and edit a short video for the upcoming holiday collection

Golden Lakerda

A Motion Segmant I made for Reshet 13 , Big Brother finals. 
A ceremony dedicated to best and worst moments in the big brother show.

3D LOGO made by: Nadav Markovich

Logo Work

A small logo collection I made for different clients


A guide video for a  RoRiding ,a company in Israel thaat is providing riding courses, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, from scooter and motorcycle riders


A Test sample video I made for a client.
WeSki is a new-age travel startup built by skiers for skiers, aiming to change the way we discover, plan, and book ski trips.



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